#FriendsTalk campaign

Introducing #FriendsTalk

Today we’re launching our #FriendsTalk campaign to support you to become more confident about being there for your friends when they want to talk about anxiety.

An old couple looking after each other.

Is anxiety a lifelong condition?

Can anxiety be cured or is it something you have to live with? We get asked this question a lot and, in this article we’ll provide an answer, exploring the differences between anxiety as a part of our personality and anxiety as a response to specific circumstances.

Woman talking with a personal trainer

How would an anxiety therapist approach personal training?

Helping someone to tackle their anxiety requires a specialist skill set. In this article, we’ll examine what that approach is by looking at how an anxiety therapist would approach being a personal trainer in the gym.

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How to help someone having a panic attack

Would you know what to do if the person you were with started having a panic attack? If not, read our guide.

Woman practising mindfulness

If you find mindfulness relaxing, you're not doing it right

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a form of therapy designed to reduce anxiety and worry. Like any new skill, when you first start learning about it and practising you will have a lot of new information to take on board and you will be out of your comfort zone. This is likely to be stressful. If you find it relaxing from day one, it might be a sign that you're doing it incorrectly.