Our theraputic approach

We use a treatment model known as integrative-relational psychotherapy. This allows us to attend to your emotional needs through listening and being supportive at the appropriate times. From the foundations of that relationship we introduce proven, structured treatments to achieve measurable results at your pace.

Throughout your treatment, the sessions are a way for us to talk about how your anxiety manifests itself and develop the relationship with your therapist. We use that relationship to motivate you to engage in learning about your anxiety and making changes to improve your symptoms. Most of the work actually happens in between the sessions as you reflect on and apply the things you have talked about and planned with your therapist.

Who do we treat?

We are experts on anxiety. We cover all forms, including related conditions such as OCD. We are not specialists in other mental health conditions, so, if your primary issue is non-anxiety related, there may be other clinics that are better suited to meeting your needs.

We treat a wide range of people, from those with severe and debilitating issues, who typically have a formal diagnosis, to those who are able to live a relatively normal life but wish to develop better coping skills for managing their worry.

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