One-to-one therapy

Working with a therapist one-to-one allows us to give you the undivided attention of your practitioner. Many of our clients prefer the privacy of one-to-one sessions. Feedback suggests working one to one has the benefit of allowing more progress to be made in a shorter period of time.

Our one-to-one sessions cost £60 and last for one hour.

One-to-one sessions are available to book today. Click here to book your first session.

Group sessions

If you’re comfortable working alongside other clients, our group sessions offer great value and have been shown to be just as effective as our one-to-one sessions, although additional time commitment is required.

Our group sessions cost £17.50 per hour. Find out more about our groups.

Our Introduction to Anxiety Group is a six-week course that costs £90 per person. Find out more about this group.

Money-back guarantee

We’re sure you’ll feel supported and confident in your therapist. But if having attended your initial consultation, you don’t feel that our support is what you need to manage your anxiety then we will refund your consultation fee in full. Simply call or email us to let us know you don’t wish to continue and you’d like to claim a refund. We’ll refund your payment within 7 days via the method you initially used.

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