Introducing #FriendsTalk

#FriendsTalk campaign

Today we’re launching our #FriendsTalk campaign to support you to become more confident about being there for your friends when they want to talk about anxiety.

You can download our information sheet that explains some of the simple steps you can take to support your friends on the phone. You don’t have to become an expert. Just listen and keep in mind our guidance so that you can be confident in the support you offer.

To get involved with the campaign, follow these three steps.

Step 1

Download and read our factsheet. It will give you ten simple pointers to being a supportive friend.

Click here to download the factsheet.

Step 2

Share one of our #FriendsTalk images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your favourite social media network to let your friends know you’re ready if they want to talk about anxiety.

FriendsTalk campaign

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Step 3

When your friends call follow the simple guidance on our factsheet and make a real difference.